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Benefits and Features of ADA Signs made using the Injection Molded Process

  • Value. Because injection molded signs are made hundreds or thousands at a time, each sign has a lower unit cost.
  • Durable. Injection molded styrene resin plastic creates signs that will last many, many years.
  • Single-piece construction. Letters, symbols and Braille are all cast in one piece, eliminating any accidental or intentional separation of the sign’s elements.
  • Weather Resistance. Injection molded styrene ADA signs will last for a very long time outdoors,
  • Industrial strength impact resistance. Other ADA signs in a school or warehouse environment might break if accidentally or intentionally struck. Injection molded signs can take high impacts and remain intact.
  • Great for schools, motels, outdoor restrooms, playgrounds, warehouses, etc.
  • Tamper proof, Vandal proof. The combination of hardened styrene material, the injection molded process, and one-piece construction make these signs a great choice for schools and outdoor uses.
  • Made in America.